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Platypus Dale

2 May 2012 – I went for my two-month checkup and babydale gave us a good laugh with his/her best impression of a platypus. Nice one.

Jennifer - Definitely think you should go with a “sea” themed nursery. 😉 love this!

announcing babydale

So, back to the no pressure part of announcing to your family and friends that you’re pregnant…

First of April came and I was having this “feeling”… don’t know how to describe it but with the combination of me randomly grabbing my tummy, having very Mommy-like dreams, and one of my dogs all of the sudden investigating my pee, I thought to myself, “When… oh dear… I don’t know.”

Well, friends… I have NEVER peed on a stick. Never had a reason to, didn’t even own one. I ran to the store and bought a pack of three. After two wasn’t enough to convince me, I went ahead and did all three. Obligatory photo for those who need proof that pigs can fly…

So as if THAT wasn’t enough, I called my doctor’s office that I had been going to see about the abdominal pain and scheduled an appointment, because at this point I honestly wasn’t sure if I could be one or two months. I masked going out there by scheduling a day my sister didn’t work there and telling Andrew that I had a follow appointment for the abdominal pain I had forgotten about and had to attend unless they would charge us. Luckily, he bought it and I went.

I went and sure enough, those little sticks don’t really lie. I couldn’t believe it. I was really excited but at the same time I was scared. I was scared about my business, what my clients would think, if Andrew would be excited or not, and if I would be cursed with morning sickness with my shoots and weddings in full swing. But the one thing on my mind… HOW WOULD I TELL ANDREW?!

I drove around the area, and had to grab some lunch. FIRST PERSON I ACTUALLY TOLD??? : The random guy working behind the counter at Qdoba. What?! I know, I had to tell SOMEONE and needed a little time to think about how I was going to do this…

Then after my belly was full of steak and rice deliciousness, I had an idea. Andrew and I had been talking about getting some chairs for our balcony that faces west at the river. We love sitting out there, watching the sunset, cooking, and just hanging out. So, I thought… ok, I’ll buy us some chairs and get a little teeny baby chair. SOOO much easier said than done. But after four different stores, I finally found something that would work. I went home and waited for Andrew to come home. When he did, I had him walk out on the balcony with his eyes closed. When he opened them he saw this…

At first he thought it was nice I bought chairs and then started to hassle me about the teeny chair, as I have an affinity for miniature things, but then it hit him. And the look on his face… oh the look on his face, was awesome, priceless and sent a wave of peace over me. He couldn’t believe it, heck, I was still in shock too, but it was wonderful, just wonderful.

Announcing to the family was a whole thing of its own. We both had to think about this one. Easter was coming up that weekend and we finally decided to personally write and send little notes to his family asking them to be a grandparent, aunt, uncle with a copy of the sonogram. Then came Easter Sunday, where we went and had lunch with my family, including my grandparents, who had come into town for the weekend.

We had decided to make it to where Andrew would try and pray over Easter lunch and insert a little innuendo of us expecting. It’s not as easy as it sounds when you have a brother-in-law who is a pastor and he’s expected to pray for the meals, especially in the eyes of my grandparents. But after some sweet talk, we locked in the position to pray! 😀 We all bowed our heads and Andrew prayed (all words below transcribed from an audio recording we took of the prayer)…

“Dear Lord I thank you for this day and for us to come together, Father…I pray we would take this day to remember the life you gave, the life you continue to give Father through Your Son, Father I pray you would continue to bless us and again, I thank you for blessing Amy and I with the life that is soon to come into our life, God…”

The responses were,

and of course my sister, who is a nurse says…

Needless to say, it was a fun, shocking, exciting and surprising afternoon! And it was only followed by more phone calls from Andrew’s family as they received their letters and realized we weren’t joking!

SO, WORLD… IT’S TRUE. This ain’t a joke.  So make sure you have your camera handy as you might see a pig fly across the sky.

Laura - Just to give you some encouragement, the photographer who did our wedding was quite pregnant at the time, and she did a fabulous job. And now she gets fabulous pictures of her OWN kids because she knows how to take them! So it’s quite possible to keep going, even with a gig like photography.

being pregnant but not knowing

So guys get the pressure and glory of proposing, us women have the task of telling the hubs and family we are pregnant. No pressure.
But let me back up…

The month of March 2012 was crazy! I was still dealing with my transition to a gluten-free diet, planning the final details of Opportunity Camp, getting ready to fly to Colorado for a week long family vacation skiing and hiking, then go straight to Las Vegas to help with a photography workshop, and then not mention the shoots I had scheduled that month. Looking back so many things make sense…

Like in Colorado… I’ve been there many times and I’ve never had trouble adjusting to altitude or doing any activity. But I could only ski a day and hiking was like someone was beating me with a bat the whole time. I spent a lot of time wanting to be outside in the cold, and if you know me at all, you know I HATE the cold!!

(images from my iphone)

Then comes Las Vegas. Oh, Las Vegas, how you were incredibly rough for me. The sun felt like it was melting my skin (which normally I would love) and the long days and short nights with little sleep got to me. I felt so horrible! So much that in fact, now these two events make sense:

1. I thought grilling watermelon would be a good idea… yea… don’t try it at home, kids.
2. The last day I remember sitting on the concrete patio with my coke and the next thing I was waking up on an outdoor couch. Apparently I was knocked out and two kind souls were nice enough to move me out of the sun and let me finish my random nap.

(image left by Patrick Horsfield and image right by Amer Nabulsi)

By the end of March, I was sure I was totally worn out and spent from all the events and traveling, even though I’m typically on the go constantly. Then the first of April came…

before babydale

Andrew and I have been married for 4 years now. Four wonderful, crazy years. April 26, 2008. It was a good day.

(photo by kristen nicole sayres)

After we got married, Andrew was in school, finishing up his last year and I was working the glorious world of retail at Hallmark and working up my new business at the time. We weren’t planning to have or not have kids; we just let God take control of that wheel.

When you first get married people ask you, “When you gonna start havin’ some kiddos?”. Well, newlyweds, I am here to tell you, after two years, they stop asking. Don’t know if people forget you can procreate or feel bad that something may be “wrong” with you. Either way, I don’t care. I never once worried about not getting pregnant or anything. When and if God wanted it to happen, we were at total peace with it.

Throughout 2010 and 2011, Andrew and I struggled with where we were. We felt God moving in our lives to a different place to serve and just be in our marriage. Andrew went through some job changes in the middle of a time when businesses were laying off workers like crazy. In mid-late 2011, I went through a crazy amount of illness, dealing with long-term bronchitis, exposure to mold in our old apartment, migraines, no sleep, and severe abdominal pain. But, in the midst of all that, Andrew and I bought our first house in December 2011. We were thrilled! We were so excited to invest in our community and be planted to serve it with our little family.

(photo by jon-mark whiltshire)

After we painted away the horrid lemon-lime green paint in our house and settled down, my pain continued. After too many doctors and prescriptions and not enough answers, it all came down to a gluten allergy. Who would have thought?! A little diet change (not as easy as it sounds, but better than medicine!) and I was 4000% better than the year before. My body was finally getting the nutrients it needed and I was a new person!! Andrew’s company had been bought out and after months of wondering if he would be able to keep his job, we finally got the answer: YES!

There were just so many ways God graciously gave us blessings that we didn’t deserve: a home, an answer to health problems, jobs, and more. Had he not given those to us, He would still be good. Why he chose to give to us in this season of life, I don’t know, but I’m so thankful.

So… that leads me to another little blessing. The only reason you’re probably on this website to begin with.
babydale… oh babydale… what a funny little happening you are…

First look

4 April 2012 – First ultrasound of babydale. I can’t believe that little teeny dot in the middle of the black spot will be crying and kicking
in 8 months. What an amazing thing!

Rosemarie Mewborn - It was so good to come across this blog of yours today with all the news. May God bless your little family and may you be joyful during this time knowing you are in the perfect hands of your creator and your little ones creator. Hope to see you soon. Love, Mamma Rose