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Andrew’s First Post

**Warning: Thoughts are scrambled. Sleep is lacking. Brain works slowly.**

Let me just say this: Raising a kid is crazy.

I know that every parent that reads this will say “I could’ve told you that!”, but seriously, no one who hasn’t had a kid could ever understand.  Every person always told me how hard it would be, blah blah blah, etc., but no words of wisdom (solicited or otherwise) could ever prepare a new parent for this adventure.  (I say adventure because that sounds better than “sleep-deprived nightmare.”)

However, I digress…

Layla passed the 1 month mark back on January 9th and, like any other birthday, nothing changed. We didn’t post some cheesy picture of her with a hat that had a big one on it. (We did try to get a picture of her flipping off the camera to say “one” from her point of view, but she wouldn’t cooperate — surprise surprise.) We still haven’t written any songs for her, but she has written some for us. I think she’s going to be into either screamo or death metal, can’t tell yet.

Amy and I would have this no other way, but man it is tough. Layla is very boring right now. I, personally, am looking forward to when she can start talking to me, moving around, playing with toys and the pups, and so on and so forth. Those days will be much more enjoyable, hopefully. (If you’re a parent and you’re here to tell me otherwise, just keep it to yourself and let me feel this little bit of excitement.)


Reading back over this post, it seems very negative. NO! I have loved every minute of having Layla as part of our little family. I am beyond smitten with her and can’t help but let her sleep on the heater that is my chest. To say she is daddy’s little girl is a gross understatement.



This is my little family. There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do to protect, provide and care for them. If you mean my family harm, don’t give me a chance to get in your way, because it won’t be pretty.

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